Joint Volunteering Project with GAA Ulster Council, Voluntary Arts Ireland and Derry & Raphoe Diocese

Ministers Margaret Ritchie MLA & John Curran launch Joint Volunteering Project (GAA, Diocese of Derry & Raphoe & Voluntary Arts Ireland)

Ministers Margaret Ritchie MLA & John Curran launch Joint Volunteering Project (GAA, Diocese of Derry & Raphoe & Voluntary Arts Ireland)

Topstorey was responsible for the delivery of a Joint Volunteer Project in Derry and Raphoe diocese (2008 – 2012).

  • As well as ground level work the partners delivered a Volunteering Conference in Stormont and a wide range of roadshows. Earl Storey also spoke at a GAA Volunteering Conference as well as being interviewed by Jerome Quinn for GAA TV.
  • The Department for Social Development wished to run a pilot project to see how diverse organisations could work successfully together to promote volunteering to meet social need in the community.
  • They developed a partnership project between the Church of Ireland diocese of Derry and Raphoe, GAA, Voluntary Arts Ireland and City Church in Belfast.

Funding was provided by the Department for Social Development as well as the Department for Rural, Community and Gaeltaght Affairs.

Department of Foreign Affairs Project

 Attending the "Making History Talk" event at the Clinton Centre, Enniskillen are (from left) Rev. Sam McGuffin, Methodist Minister, Enniskillen; Brian Walker, a guest speaker; Rt. Rev. John McDowell, Bishop of Clogher; Brian Feeney, a guest speaker; Stuart Brooker, Deputy County Grand Master Orange Order and Earl Storey, organiser of the event.

Is there a way to reflect on our history on this island that heals rather than divides? Two prominent commentators were keynote speakers at a unique public event in The Clinton Centre, aimed at doing just that.

Both Dr Brian Feeney and Professor Brian Walker are well-known commentators as well as having strong academic backgrounds. They spoke  at Making History Talk – Understanding the Ulster Covenant.

The inspiration for Making History Talk arose from dialogue between County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge and a range of Fermanagh church leaders.

From 1912 to 1922 we have the signing of the Ulster Covenant, the Proclamation of Independence, the Easter Rising and the civil war – they are all part of our folk memory. More than that, they have shaped the psyche of all of us who share this island.

Making History Talk is the first of a series of public events designed to reflect carefully on key historical events of that decade in a way that builds understanding. It was supported by the Church of Ireland diocese of Clogher, Rev Sam McGuffin, Rev David Cupples and County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge. All parts of the community are warmly invited.